Landscape Design

Designs are produced using Autocad based software for a fast and professional looking plan.

At Snell & Associates it all starts with a great design. We plan, design, and implement outdoor spaces to enhance their aesthetic appeal, functionality, and environmental sustainability. Creating a well-balanced and visually pleasing landscape requires a combination of artistic creativity, horticultural knowledge, and technical expertise. From new projects that require ARB or Town approval to simple renovations, we can put together a plan to fit your needs and budget.

During a Site Analysis, we review factors such as soil quality, climate, topography, and vegetation to determine how best to proceed. As a result of this analysis, the design process can be informed.

Design Development: Creating comprehensive and detailed landscape plans that incorporate elements such as hardscapes (paths, patios), softscapes (plants, trees), water features, lighting, and other amenities. Designs aim to meet both the client's preferences and the environmental context.